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Our testimonials highlight several successful cases at Harbor Investigations. Whether you need a private detective for a cheating/infidelity investigation or you want peace of mind from a child custody investigation, our testimonials show a few of the proven techniques used in the cases below:

Andy, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you have done, are doing, and will be doing for me regarding this mess I'm involved in. I really do appreciate it and I'm thankful - beyond words. I knew you were the one, if anyone, who could help me out with this situation. If my attorney recommended you, then you had to be good. After talking to you that first time, I knew by your professional experience and the passion in your voice

Best Regards, Ken

“Harbor Investigation was extremely professional on every level. From the initial phone call, asking every detail about my situation, keeping me calm, to the final report. The time line and details were exceptional. I had my suspicions and Harbor Investigations provided me with everything I needed. I highly recommend their professional services.”

By Jon

“Yes Ralph I do totally appreciate you rearranging your schedule to accommodate my request. I realize it is last minute - I wish I would have known sooner, for this type of work that must be the nature of the beast. I also appreciate you working with me regarding the price. Thanks again for your help with this difficult and life - changing situation. It has been nice to have someone to talk to about it.”

By Beth

" Dear William, Thank you for the latest and final update. You have been very professional and thorough from the onset and as much as I would like to have known that Ilene was cohabiting, the fact that she's not, does bring a sort of closure (except for the permanent alimony). The courtesy you have extended to me regarding the fee is most appreciated but you earned it. Should you decide it was too much, please let me know."

By Jim